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What do you need to know?

  • Do I need to get a referral for physical therapy ?

    The state of New York allows “Direct access” to Physical Therapy, which means that you are not Legally required to have a physician’s referral Before seeing a physical therapist . However, some insurance coverage may require you to have a referral of “authorization” before starting your treatment.

  • What should I expect in my first visit?

    During your initial visit, your Physical Therapist will examine and hear your complaints and medical history in details. This evaluation will involve certain range of motion, postural, and strength tests to help your Physical Therapist develops the best plan of treatment.

  • Do you accept my insurance?

    We are in net work with most major insurance networks.Our front office staff is more than happy to verify your out-patient physical therapy benefits, so you are aware of number of visit, co- pay or any limitation within you police.

  • What if I do not have insurance?

    No insurance,no problem.if you do not have Health insurance coverage or in some case ,have A high co-pay,we do offer a private pay option for Physical therapy session. We offer aproper Discount should you chose to pay privately

How to keep your back healthy?

  • If you have to carry some weight always make sure Your back is vertical divide it symmetrically over the 2 sides Of your body . in general two small objects(one in either hand) May be easier to handle then one large one.

  • To lift an object, kneel down on one knee with the other foot flat On the floor as near as possible to the item.Lift with your legs,not Your back keeping the object close to your body at all time even if The object is not heavy.

  • Do not try to get an object from a long distance Always Keep your Yourself close form the object.Stand on a stool to reach things that Are above your shoulder level.

  • pushing is easier on back than pulling. Use your arms and Legs to start the push .if you Ist lift a heavy item,get some to help you. Do not sit on soft, deep seat.should come to your should level at least.It’s Always good to put something under your feet as sitting with your knees Slightly higher then your hips provides good low back

  • walk everyday for at least 15 minutes. Increase the walk distance dy time.


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